Non-respondent surveys: Pertinence and feasibility

TitreNon-respondent surveys: Pertinence and feasibility
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuteursErnst Stähli, M, Joye, D
JournalThe Survey Statistician
Date Published07/2013

Among the techniques to address the problem of unit-nonresponse in surveys, short follow-up surveys for nonrespondents have not (yet) been a strong tradition. They are however promising ways to document and possibly correct for non-response bias, so that it should be of interest to put aside a small part of the overall budget to implement them. This contribution relates to a longer series of experiences from non-respondent surveys as follow-ups of long face-to-face general social surveys in Switzerland. It shows the great opportunities offered, but also the challenges that have to be faced when opting for this approach.

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