European research agenda for career guidance and counselling

TitreEuropean research agenda for career guidance and counselling
Type de publicationBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuteursWeber, PC, Katsarov, J, Cohen-Scali, V, Mulvey, R, Nota, L, Rossier, J, Thomsen, R
ÉditeurCohen-Scali, V, Rossier, J, Nota, L
Book TitleNew perspectives on career counseling and guidance in Europe
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Place PublishedCham, Switzerland
ISBN Number978-3-319-61475-5 978-3-319-61476-2
Mots-clésCareer Counselling, Career Guidance, Career Practice, Career Profession, literature review, Research Agenda

In a changing world, there is a need to reflect about the research basis of career guidance and counselling (CGC) as a professional practice, considering the contributions of various disciplines and research traditions. This paper outlines a possible European research agenda (ERA) to further enhance the knowledge foundation of the CGC practice. The proposed lines of research, which are pronounced in the ERA, are based on a literature review involving 45 researchers concerned with the CGC practice. At three events, approximately 150 researchers from across Europe were engaged in the discussion, what kind of research is needed to enhance the knowledge foundation of the CGC practice. The paper provides a systematic overview of the relevant research fields, and links key research questions to current research endeavours. Due to the necessary
involvement of diverse types of practitioners, policy makers, and researchers from different disciplines to share the CGC practice and contribute to the development of its knowledge basis, the paper calls for open, cooperative and integrative research approaches, including the combination of different research paradigms and methods. The development of the European Research Agenda was co-funded by the European Union through the Lifelong Learning Programme.