The effectiveness of a tactical games approach in the teaching of invasion games

TitreThe effectiveness of a tactical games approach in the teaching of invasion games
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuteursGouveia, ÉR, Gouveia, BR, Marques, A, Kliegel, M, Rodrigues, A, Prudente, J, Lopes, H, Ihle, A
JournalJournal of Physical Education and Sport
ISSN22478051, 2247806X

Purpose: The main purposes of this study were (a) to assess the effectiveness of the tactical games approach on students’ invasion game performance when compared to the technique-oriented approach, and (b) to investigate whether there was a difference in motor engagement time (MET) between the both pedagogical approaches. Method: The sample consisted of 79 students (13-16 years), allocated to the Intervention Group (IG) following the tactical games protocol, or to the Control Group (CG) following the technique-oriented approach. Psychomotor performance was assessed by the Game Performance Assessment Instrument. MET was assessed by direct observation. Results: Both pedagogical approaches promoted off- and on-the-ball movement over eight consecutive weeks. Comparing the effectiveness of these two teaching approaches, no difference was found. However, collapsed across the two time points, students had better on-the-ball decision-making in the tactical games approach, as well as more MET. Conclusion: Continued replication of this research including long term follow-up is necessary to further strengthen the generalizability of these findings across alternative school contexts.