Development and validation of the Transition to Retirement Questionnaire

TitreDevelopment and validation of the Transition to Retirement Questionnaire
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuteursMaggiori, C, Nihil, R, Froidevaux, A, Rossier, J
JournalJournal of Career Assessment
Mots-cléspersonality, resistance to change, retirement, transition to retirement, validation

The aim of this study was to present the initial validation of a new questionnaire, the Transition to Retirement Questionnaire (TRQ) and to study its relationship with resistance to change and personality dimensions. Based on Schlossberg’s typology of the retired, the TRQ is designed to assess five dimensions related to personal perceptions of transition to retirement, retirement, and personal plans and activities. The sample consisted of 1,054 professionally active or retired adults from the Swiss French-speaking Canton of Vaud. Exploratory principal components and confirmatory factor analyses highlighted a five-factor solution that fit coherently with Schlossberg’s typology. Moreover, TRQ dimensions were related to resistance to change tendencies and personality dimensions. The TRQ seems to be an interesting tool for use in research but also for interventions with young retirees or people preparing for retirement.

Refereed DesignationRefereed