Paquets méthodologiques

Dans le cadre des IP14 and IP15, les membres du PRN LIVES développent deux paquets méthodologiques pour le logiciel statistique "R" :

  • TraMineR (longitudinal data mining)
    TraMineR is a R-package for mining, describing and visualizing sequences of states or events, and more generally discrete sequential data. Its primary aim is the analysis of biographical longitudinal data in the social sciences, such as data describing careers or family trajectories. Most of its features also apply, however, to non temporal data such as text or DNA sequences for instance.
  • Spacom (contextual analyses with spatial weights)
    Spacom provides tools to construct and exploit spatially weighted context data. Spatial weights are derived by a Kernel function from a user-defined matrix of distances between contextual units. Spatial weights can then be applied either to precise contextual measures or to aggregate estimates based on micro-level survey data, to compute spatially weighted context data. Available aggregation functions include indicators of central tendency, dispersion, or inter-group variability, and take into account survey design weights. The package further allows combining the resulting spatially weighted context data with individual-level predictor and outcome variables, for the purposes of multilevel modelling.