Data collections

Longitudinal studies

  • LIVES Vaud Panel
    Oversampling of precarious people of the Swiss Household Panel (SHP)
    5 waves (2013-2017)
    Contact: Felix Bühlmann, Judith Kuhr (IP201)
  • LIVES LOLY - Longitudinal Lausanne Youth Study
    Longitudinal study on youth transitions in various regional institutions
    5 waves (2012-2016)
    Contact: Christian Staerklé (IP201)
  • Professional Paths Survey
    A 7-year follow-up study of professional paths of Swiss working age adults
    7 waves (2012-2018)
    Contact: Jérôme Rossier (IP207)
  • My Life
    A 1-year prospective study of work, family, leisure in middle adulthood
    4 waves (2012-2014)
    Contact: Alexandra M. Freund (IP207)
  • Social Stratification, Cohesion and Conflict in Contemporary Societies
    20 years follow up study of couples living in Switzerland
    3rd wave (2011)
    Contact: Eric Widmer (IP208)
  • Enquête sur les multiples visages de la monoparentalité en Suisse
    Longitudinal qualitative study on lone mothers
    3 waves (2012-2017)
    Contact: Laura Bernardi (IP208)
  • Vulnerability and Growth
    Developmental dynamics and differential effects of the loss of an intimate partner in the second half of life
    2 waves (2012-2014)
    Contact: Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello (IP212)
  • Vivre/Leben/Vivere (VLV)
    Behind the Democratization of Old Age: Inequalities within Progress. Sample of 65+ people in 5 Swiss cantons
    2 waves (2011-2017)
    Including one oversampling (2011) of immigrant communities
    Contact: Matthias Kliegel, Michel Oris (IP213)

 Other studies

    Social networks among job seekers (2012)
    Contact: Rafael Lalive (IP204)
    Jobs for vulnerable people (2016)
    Contact: Rafael Lalive (IP204)
  • Musicians' LIVES
    Gendered Experience of  Vulnerability amongst Ordinary Musicians. Mixed methods with RDS sampling on ordinary musicians careers in Western Switzerland (2014)
    Contact: Marc Perrenoud (IP206)
  • Lifecourses and family networks of former foster children: a retrospective study
    A retrospective study of lifecourse and family networks of 80 individuals having been in foster care (2013)
    Contact: Eric Widmer, Michel Oris (IP208)
  • Vivre avec les autres. Le rôle des relations personnelles dans nos vies actuelles
    Social capital and family networks related with life trajectories of adults individuals of two cohorts living in Switzerland (2014)
    Contact: Eric Widmer (IP208)