Special issue on life stories and collective memory

This special issue brings together a series of research articles on life stories and collective memory in conflict-settings. With a focus on individual and collective vulnerability, these articles explore how individuals and communities remember daily life during violent conflict, how conflict narratives circulate, how people cope with war experiences and how violence transform social life. The issue is linked to the Pluralistic Memories project ( http://wp.unil.ch/pmp/ ), an interdisciplinary research project on diversity in conflict memories, that is being conducted in Burundi, Palestine and Sri Lanka. Most contributions are based on testimonies, survey data, archival documents or other research material gathered within the project. With an interdisciplinary scope, the articles cover a broad range of theoretical issues related to collective memory and life stories and multiple methodological approaches. The issue will be continuously updated with new articles arising from the project.


When development is not "right": Understanding the relationship between perceptions, collective action and victimhood

>> BADY, Z.

Ethnicity, authority and political participation: Expressing political attitudes in contexts of shifting ethnic salience