La visibilité du genre dans des revues de sociologie du travail

TitleLa visibilité du genre dans des revues de sociologie du travail
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLe Feuvre, N, Bataille, P, Morend, L
JournalCahiers du Genre
Date Published2013
Keywordsédition, études genre, France, Grande-Bretagne, revues, sociologie du travail

Labour was the primary subject of early academic work on gender relations in France and “gender studies” remained marked by this legacy. Can we however assert that the gender dimension of work is now fully integrated into this branch of sociology and that gender specialists receive full recognition in the field? To answer this question, we propose a comparative analysis of the evolution of the number of articles devoted to the “gendering of work” in two sociology of labour journals in France and Great Britain. We show that the number of articles relating to gender and work is consistently much smaller in France than on the other side of the Channel, throughout the period studied. This “gender blindness” which pervades labour sociology in France does not obscure only the reality of women’s work in this country; it also hides and marginalizes the female researches who specialize on gender within this academic field.

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