A systematic review of the career adaptability literature and future outlook

TitleA systematic review of the career adaptability literature and future outlook
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJohnston, CS
JournalJournal of Career Assessment
Date Published11/2018
ISSN1069-0727, 1552-4590
Keywordsadaptability resources, adaptability responses, career adaptability, systematic review

Researchers in the career domain have embraced the concept of career adaptability as denoted by a rapid growth in the number of published articles in recent years. Career adaptability is a psychosocial construct including both readiness and resources for successfully facing vocational tasks, occupational transitions, and unexpected challenges. To synthesize the research in this field and to suggest directions for future development, this article systematically reviews the studies on career adaptability. The 116 published pieces covered in the review include book chapters and articles, including cross-sectional, longitudinal, and qualitative papers, along with intervention studies, and theoretical contributions. First, the different instruments available to measure career adaptability are presented, after which the research is reviewed in the categories of adaptability resources and adapting responses. Both resources and responses contribute to positive transitions and personal functioning in teenagers through to adults. The article concludes by offering several suggestions for future research, highlighting the theoretical, practical, empirical, and methodological contributions that future work in this domain could make.

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