The Swiss Household Panel study: Observing social change since 1999

TitleThe Swiss Household Panel study: Observing social change since 1999
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTillmann, R, Voorpostel, M, Antal, E, Kuhn, U, Lebert, F, Ryser, V-A, Lipps, O, Wernli, B
JournalLongitudinal and Life Course Studies
Keywordsdesign, household panel survey, longitudinal data, Swiss Household Panel

Collecting data on households and individuals since 1999, the Swiss Household Panel (SPH) is an ongoing, unique, large-scale, nationally representative, longitudinal study in Switzerland (N=7,383 households and N=12,119 persons interviewed in 2014). The data of the SHP provide a rich source of information to study social change in Switzerland over a significant period on a wide variety of topics. The SHP aims to provide both continuity and innovation in measurement and data collection, with the combination of retrospective and prospective longitudinal data in the most recent refreshment sample as one notable example of such an innovation. This paper provides an overview of the SHP - focusing on its origin, aims, design, content, data collection and adjustments, possibilities for cross-national comparisons, data use and accomplishments

Refereed DesignationRefereed