Socialization into organizations and balancing work and family

TitleSocialization into organizations and balancing work and family
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsWiese, B, Knecht, M
EditorVuori, J, Blonk, R, Price, RH
Book TitleSustainable working lives: Managing work transitions and health throughout the life course
Place PublishedNew York, NY
ISBN Number978-94-017-9797-9

Organizational transitions represent particularly important challenges for both employees and employers. The present chapter summarizes and contextualizes the demands and outcomes of organizational socialization processes. With respect to socialization outcomes, we differentiate between proximal and distal outcomes as well as between work-related and health-related outcomes. We embed organizational socialization and individual self-regulatory strategies in the broader life context of the individual by drawing specific attention to the family domain. The return to work after maternity leave is selected as a sample case to demonstrate how both work-related and family-related experiences and characteristics impact occupational adjustment processes in young adulthood. Finally, we make suggestions how empirical findings on the work-family interplay might be integrated into new organizational socialization programs and initiatives.