The Rsocialdata package: Handling survey data in R

TitleThe Rsocialdata package: Handling survey data in R
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsRousseaux, E, Bolano, D, Ritschard, G

In this article we introduce the Rsocialdata package. This package provides researchers in social sciences with high-level tools for handling survey data in R. As a key feature it allows to store, document and share complex survey data, as panel data and network data. It provides tools for efficiently exploring and recoding data, allowing researchers to proceed more quickly to the task of analysis. Finally, the software puts forward a new methodology for dealing with statistical methods. Adopting a programming syntax especially designed for scientists in social sciences and presenting outputs in PDF files with a "ready-to-publish" formatting, this methodology aims at focusing more quickly on the analysis. Furthermore, printing all parameters used to fine-tune a given statistical method together with the corresponding results facilitates reproducible research. After an introduction to the design of the software, we present a full user guide with various examples based on the Swiss Household Panel data, allowing the reader to become autonomous with the software.

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