Values in Action - Inventory of Strenghts

Values in Action - Inventory of Strenghts

The Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS; Peterson & Seligman 2004) is a 240-statements questionnaire that measures the 24 character strengths (see Table). Participants who answer this questionnaire indicate their endorsement of each character strength in a scale from 1 (very much unlike me) through 5 (very much like me). For example, one of the statements used to measure appreciation of beauty and excellence is “It is important to me that I live in a world of beauty”. The VIA-IS is widely used in research and received broad support for its overall validity.

The VIA-IS is based on the classification of character strengths and virtues proposed by Peterson and Seligman (2004). Based on theoretical grounds, they proposed a classification of 24 character strengths that are assigned to one of six universal virtues. The strengths are seen as the distinguishable routes in which the virtues are displayed.

In 2014, 156 of the survey participants answered the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS, Peterson & Seligman, 2004), which assesses the endorsement of a total of 24 character strengths. The five strengths mostly endorsed by men were, beginning with the first in the ranking, curiosity, fairness, open-mindedness, authenticity and love. Women mostly endorsed the strengths of fairness, authenticity, love, curiosity and kindness.

When comparing the endorsement of the 24 character strengths among different age groups, we observed that the strengths most common among participants with ages ranging from 27 to 36 were authenticity, love, kindness, fairness and curiosity. For participants with ages between 37 and 46 years, the most common strengths were fairness, curiosity, authenticity, open-mindedness, and love. Finally, for participants with ages ranging from 47 to 57 years, the strengths of fairness, curiosity, open-mindedness, authenticity, and love were the most common ones. Overall, results show the strengths profiles are quite similar across gender and age.

Wisdom and knowledge  1 Creativity
2 Curiosity
3 Open-mindedness
4 Love of learning
5 Perspective
6 Bravery
7 Perseverance
8 Authenticity
9 Zest
 Humanity 10 Love (capacity to love and being loved)
11 Kindness
12 Social intelligence
 Justice  13 Team work
14 Fairness
15 Leadership
 Temperance 16 Forgiveness
17 Modesty
18 Prudence
19 Self-regulation

20 Appreciation of beauty and excellence
21 Gratitude
22 Hope
23 Humour
24 Spirituality