Research conducted by the NCCR LIVES

For its third funding phase, from 2019 to 2022, the NCCR LIVES is pursuing its research in 7 thematic projects (IP - "Individual projects" addressing social policy, health, ageing, employment, family, gender and mobility issues) and 4 cross-cutting issues (CCI), which must be addressed by all research projects.

The aim of this stucture is to ensure the coherence of the studies carried out by LIVES, particularly at the methodological level. It also enables all researchers to participate in lifecourse research innovation and contribute to the training of young researchers in this complex and interdisciplinary field.

During the various funding phases, the research projects (IP) and cross-cutting issues (CCI) have evolved and periodically focused on more specific areas. All NCCR LIVES research projects share a common theoretical framework: the concept of vulnerability is a dynamic process involving resources and stress factors.