Relationships in later life

IP212 (former IP12)

Project leader: Prof. Hansjörg Znoj

IP212 aims at investigating the processes of overcoming vulnerabilising factors in close relationships in middle- and old-aged adults. Specifically the project seeks to explore the various paths of psychological adaptation to major stressors related to marital relationship in the second half of life, and to identify resources and possibilities of psychosocial prevention and psychological intervention. On the one hand the focus is on the determinants and outcomes of critical life events related to intimate relationships, whether due to divorce or bereavement. On the other hand we are interested in continuity and change of marriages in middle and older age, and in the role of chronic stressors such as health problems or caregiving strain, which are major challenges for marital quality.

During Phase 1 (2011-2014), this project was entitled "Vulnerability and growth: Partnership in the second life half – challenges, losses, and benefits" (IP12 )

Prof. Joëlle Darwiche, Prof. Daniela Jopp, Prof. Valentino Pomini, Prof. Dario Spini
Dr. Jeanette Brodbeck, Dr. Anik Debrot, Dr. Claudia Meystre, Dr. Davide Morselli, Dr. Stefanie Spahni

Doctoral students:
Liliane Efinger, Annahita Ehsan, Charikleia Lampraki, Minja Leko

Research assistant :
Franziska Rockstroh

News published on IP212


Selected publications

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PDF icon Article (PDF) (630.25 KB)
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PDF icon Article (PDF) (301.06 KB)

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