Musicians' Lives

Like most artistic sectors, the world of musicians operates in accordance with economic and social logics unknown to the general public and difficult to read by researchers. Indeed, in the music scene, musicians have careers that present a great variety of modes of organization and forms of employment , perhaps more than in any other industry.

  • What is life like for musicians in Switzerland in the 2010s?
  • How does the contemporary music scene work?
  • How do musicians’ careers and life journeys operate in this context?
  • How musicians cope with precariousness in their artistic commitments?

These are the main questions asked by the research group created at the University of Lausanne by Marc Perrenoud. Financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation via the NCCR LIVES, our research aims to better understand the music business and musicians’ life journeys in Switzerland, irrespective of any preliminary distinction of musical styles or social and professional status.

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