Research Agenda

The research group studying meso-level seeks to address three gaps in the literature: (1) the insufficient depth of analysis of meso-level (e.g., network, neighbourhood) and policy mechanisms of vulnerabilisation; (2) the lack of interdisciplinary perspective of many analyses at the meso level and (3) the absence of theoretical systematization of meso-level influences on vulnerability processes. 

In order to fill these gaps, we propose to focus on studying mechanisms of vulnerability dynamics during the third phase of the NCCR LIVES. Specifically, we address the two-sidedness of policy and meso-level factors which are often both including and excluding; they can enhance resilience or reinforce vulnerability. By blending psychology, economics, social demography and sociology in research teams and by explicitly formulating interdisciplinary research questions and hypotheses, we aim to deepen the understanding of mechanisms of vulnerability.

Finally, there is a need for theoretical systematization of the various possible roles of meso-level factors in the dynamic between agency and structure. In close collaboration with CCI2, this research group will collect, analyse, theorize and systematize empirical results on meso-level processes.



Prof. Jean-Michel Bonvin (University of Geneva)
Prof. Leen Vandecasteele (University of Lausanne)

  • UNIL: Felix Bühlmann, Dario Spini, Christian Staerklé
  • UNIGE: Jean-Michel Bonvin, Eric Widmer
  • HES-SO: Isabelle Probst, Jean-Pierre Tabin
Researchers and post-docs
  • UNIL: Nora Dasoki, Guy Elcheroth, Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Davide Morselli, Nicolas Sommet, Mattia Vacchiano
  • UNIGE: Emilie Rosenstein
  • FORS: Marlène Sapin
Doctoral students
  • UNIL: Leïla Eisner, Adar Hoffman, Jad Moawad, Sandrine Morel, Anahita Mehrpour
  • UNIGE: Max Lovey
  • HES-SO: Frédérique Leresche
  • FHNW: Yann Bochsler