LIVES social innovation

LIVES social innovation

Can we be as creative as children?

As part of its knowledge transfer mandate, the NCCR LIVES in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) is currently developing a structure that will support the creation and implementation of social innovation projects.

Operational from spring 2020 onwards, this structure will enable actors from social research, the nonprofit sector, the social economy, the social and health sectors and/or civil society to engage, meet and develop joint projects. In addition to supporting the development of specific projects (application submission, fundraising, etc.), LIVES social innovation will offer networking and visibility activities as well as a platform for resources and information related to social innovation.

By social innovation, we understand social innovation as a guiding principle or approach that translates research and practical knowledge into new or improved products, processes, methods or best practices with the primary aim to meet social needs and problems in a collaborative and participative way.

For any questions and further information, please contact its Secretary General, Dr. Pascal Maeder,, T. 021 692 38 32, M. 079 362 45 17.