LIVES Impact (policy briefs)

LIVES Impact (ISSN: 2297-6124) publishes regularly briefs with policy-relevant research findings from studies conducted at the National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES “Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives” (NCCR LIVES). It is aimed at professionals, public officials and representatives active in social policy and related fields.

Series editor

Pascal Maeder
Knowledge Transfer Officer at the NCCR LIVES

Phone: +41 (0)79 362 45 17


Special issue n°1 - COVID-19 crisis - 8 April 2020
How to mobilise protective, supportive and resilient behaviours effectively in times of crisis? (text)
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10 practical tips based on 10 scientific findings - Fact-sheet (PDF)

No 12 - May 2020
Vocational versus general education. Employment and earnings over the life course in Switzerland (full text)
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No 11 - October 2019
Rehabilitation before pension? A longitudinal study sheds light on Swiss Disability insurance reforms (full text)
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No 10 - July 2019
Mental health through internet-based intervention? Using LIVIA to overcome grief (full text)
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No 9 - November 2018
Unemployment and its medium- to long-term effects: a reason to rethink labour market integration support schemes? (full text)
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No 8 - June 2018
Young adult excess mortality in Switzerland: Historically situated, avoidable and socially unequal (full text)
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No 7 - January 2018
Lone Parenthood in the life course: A future challenge for social policy? (full text)
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No 6 - December 2017
The "Gender Factory": How the Swiss education system (re)produces inequalities between women and men (full text)
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No 5 - June 2017
Towards career adaptabilities: Using contextual and psychological resources for successful work transitions (full text)
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No 4 - March 2017
Will fathers in Switzerland soon have access to leave? Insights into the gender equality potential of leave policies (full text)
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No 3 - August 2016
Utilizing networks to find employment? Social networks as a labour market integration tool for unemployed and disadvantaged people (full text)
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No 2 - June 2016
Retirement Provision 2020: A Reform Towards More Social Inequality? “Active Ageing” and Older People of Migrant Background (full text)
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No 1 - November 2015
The Life-Course Perspective in Social Policy: Why and How it Could Be Useful (full text)
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