Equality and Parenting

Since its launch in 2011, the NCCR LIVES has placed priority on issues of equality and balancing family and professional life.

LIVES equality strategy is not just aimed at helping female researchers advance in their academic careers, but also at shifting the focus to the structures of the academic world, still fraught with subconsciously discriminatory beliefs and practices.

To this end, we are focusing our activity on several areas:

  1. Measures for equality: Promoting existing equality programmes and taking specific actions within LIVES itself
  2. Support for female researchers: Promoting existing programmes and direct support for LIVES members
  3. Measures to support parenting (for women and men): Promoting existing programmes and developing tools specific to LIVES
  4. The integration of a gender-sensitive approach in research

Contact: lea.dettwiler@unige.ch or equality@lives-nccr.ch