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Cross-cutting Issues: The New Hub of our Research Agenda

Four cross-cutting issues (CCI) characterize the research agenda of the NCCR LIVES. These CCI are the result of the combination of seven research projects (IP) which bring together about 200 researchers from all around Switzerland who conduct interdisciplinary research by mobilizing knowledge from various disciplines (sociology, psychology, demography, economics, social policy) and by developing innovative longitudinal methodologies.

The purpose of these cross-cutting issues (CCI) is to further develop and refine the research agenda of NCCR LIVES in order to stimulate theoretical, methodological and empirical advances in the domains of vulnerability and life-course research. Three of these issues aim at understanding the multidimensional (CCI-1), multilevel (CCI-2) and multidirectional (CCI-3) dimensions of vulnerability. The fourth one (CCI-4) focuses on developing innovative methodological techniques in order to better grasp the nuts and bolts of vulnerability from a life-course perspective.

CCI 1 - Stress and resource dynamics in social interactions and across life domains (Multidimensional)

This cross-cutting issue aims to stimulate research focusing on the permeability of stresses and resources across different life-course domains, such as family, work, education, leisure time or well-being trajectories. (More)

CCI 2 - Stress and resource dynamics in social interactions and across analysis levels (multi-level)

This cross-cutting issue explores the dynamics of stress and resilience among interdependent individuals or between individuals and the normative and institutional context in which they are embedded. (More)

CCI 3 -Accumulation of resources and development of vulnerability over the life course (Multidirectional)

This cross-cutting issue emphasises the importance of the accumulation of social and economic as well as psychological and physiological resources over the course of life. (More)

CCI 4 - Methodological advances on vulnerability and the life course

This cross-cutting issue develops strategies for innovative longitudinal analyses and new methods to study vulnerability across the course of life, at both individual and population levels. (More)