Conflict, harassment

Like other human relationships, work relationships in an academic environment are complex and can sometimes involve conflict. The academic environment is no exception, and the vulnerabilities that are the LIVES NCCR's subject of research are not necessarily confined to the populations studied. LIVES employees can also be affected.

Knowing this, LIVES encourages anyone involved in a difficult work or study situation to try to use dialog and mediation to arrive at a solution before the conflict escalates.

LIVES centers its conflict management policy on five axes:

  • Promoting a harmonious work and research environment within the center.
  • Making it easy to express problems and search for solutions at all levels of the LIVES NCCR's hierarchy.
  • Dealing with conflicts before they degenerate into personal attacks.
  • Cultivating an environment free of harassment — whether personal or sexual.
  • Protecting the dignity and integrity of LIVES members.

In case of problem, please do directly contact the people in charge of conflict management within your institution, or alternatively the Equality officer and/or the Doctoral Programme officer. They will answer your questions and advise you on the procedures.

 For more information for LIVES members, please check the intranet.