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Duvoisin, A., Burgnard, S., & Oris, M.. (2016). Childless people during the baby boom in Switzerland. Annales de démographie historique, (132), 193-221.
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Duthé, G., Soura, A., & Rossier, C.. (2019). Conclusion. In C. Rossier, Soura, A., & Duthé, G. (Eds.), Inégalités de santé à Ouagadougou. Résultats d’un observatoire de population urbain au Burkina Faso (INED., pp. 245–261). Paris, France: INED. Retrieved from https://www.ined.fr/fr/actualites/presse/inegalites-de-sante-a-ouagadougou-resultats-dun-observatoire-de-population-urbaine-au-burkina-faso/
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Drilling, M. (2019). Obdachlosigkeit, Wohnungslosigkeit und Prekäres wohnen. Ausmass, Profil und Bedarf in der Region Basel. (Z. Temesvary, Tran., J. Dittmann & Bischoff, T., Eds.)LIVES Working paper, 76, 1-65. doi:Http://dx.doi.org/10.12682/lives.2296-1658.2019.76
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Dribe, M., Manfredini, M., & Oris, M.. (2014). The roads to reproduction: Comparing life-course trajectories in preindustrial Europe. In C. Lundh & Kurosu, S. (Eds.), Similarity in difference. Marriage in Europe and Asia 1700-1900 (pp. 85-116). Boston: MIT Press.
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Docquier, F., Müller, T., & Naval, J.. (2014). Informality and long-run growth. IZA Discussion Paper, 2014(7883), 1-42. Retrieved from http://ftp.iza.org/dp7883.pdf
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Diehl, M., Wahl, H. - W., & Freund, A.. (2017). Ecological validity as a key feature of external validity in research on human development. Research in Human Development, 14, 177–181. doi:10.1080/15427609.2017.1340053
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De Giorgi, G., Paccagnella, M., & Pellizzari, M.. (2015). Gender Complementarities in the Labor Market. In S. W. Polachek, Tatsiramos, K., & Zimmermann, K. F. (Eds.), Gender Convergence in the Labor Market (Vol. 41, pp. 277- 298). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. doi:10.1108/S0147-912120140000041015
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De Giorgi, G., Pellizzari, M., & Woolston, W. G.. (2012). Class size and class heterogeneity. Journal of the European Economic Association, 10(4), 795-830.
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De Giorgi, G., & Pellizzari, M.. (2013). Understanding social interactions: Evidence from the classroom. The Economic Journal, 124, 917-953. doi:10.1111/ecoj.12083
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Davoine, E., Ravasi, C., & Cudré-Mauroux, C.. (2011). Pour une analyse dramaturgique des rôles du conjoint dans l’expatriation: Le cas du service diplomatique et consulaire suisse. Revue internationale de psychosociologie et de gestion des comportements organisationnels, XVII(43), 315-332. doi:10.3917/rips.043.0315
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Daniele, M., Ganaba, R., Sarrassat, S., Cousens, S., Rossier, C., Drabo, S., et al.. (2018). Involving male partners in maternity care in Burkina Faso: a randomized controlled trial. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 96, 450–461. doi:10.2471/BLT.17.206466
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Dahmen, S., Bonvin, J. - M., & Beuret, B.. (2017). The dynamics of youth policies in Switzerland: between participation and activation. In H. - U. Otto, Egdell, V., Bonvin, J. - M., Atzmüller, R., & Kepler, J. (Eds.), Empowering Young People in Disempowering Times (pp. 144–159). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
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Dahmen, S. (2014). The theoretical orthodoxy of children’s and youth agency and Its contradictions: Moving from normative thresholds to a situated assessment of children’s and youth lives. In D. Stoecklin & Bonvin, J. - M. (Eds.), Children’s rights and the capability approach. Challenges and prospects (pp. 153-173). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9091-8_8