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Aubel, O., Lefèvre, B., Le Goff, J. Marie, & Taverna, N.. (2019). The team effect on doping in professional male road cycling (2005-2016). Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 29, 615–622. doi:10.1111/sms.13384
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Bühlmann, F.. (2018). Trajectories of vulnerability: A sequence-analytical approach. In R. Tillmann, Voorpostel, M., & Farago, P. (Eds.), Social Dynamics in Swiss Society (pp. 129–144). Cham, Switzerland: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-89557-4_9
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Ryser, V. - A., & Le Goff, J. - M.. (2018). The transition to marriage for cohabiting couples: Does it shape subjective well-being and opinions or attitudes toward family?. In R. Tillmann, Voorpostel, M., & Farago, P. (Eds.), Social Dynamics in Swiss Society: Empirical studies based on the Swiss Household Panel (Vol. 9, pp. 47–59). Cham-Heidelberg: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-89557-4_4
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Henchoz, C., & Wernli, B.. (2017). Le temps partiel, un "ami" qui vous veut du bien? Les effets du temps partiel sur différentes dimensions de la vie quotidienne. In I. Krone-Germann & Guénette, A. Max (Eds.), Le partage d'emploi - Job sharing. Nouvelles opportunités et défis du travail (pp. 261–276). Paris, France: L'Harmattan.
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Spini, D., Bernardi, L., & Oris, M.. (2017). Toward a life course framework for studying vulnerability. Research in Human Development, 14(1), 5-25. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15427609.2016.1268892
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Bonvin, J. - M., Laruffa, F., & Rosenstein, E.. (2017). Towards a Critical Sociology of Democracy: The Potential of the Capability Approach. Critical Sociology, 0896920517701273. doi:10.1177/0896920517701273
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Berchtold, A. (2016). Test–retest: Agreement or reliability?. Methodological Innovations, 9, 1-7. doi:10.1177/2059799116672875
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Le Feuvre, N. (2016). Toujours ‘trop’ de femmes ou ‘pas assez’. Travail, genre et sociétés, 36, 181-187. doi:10.3917/tgs.036.0181
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Levy, R., & Bühlmann, F.. (2016). Towards a socio-structural framework for life course analysis. Advances in Life Course Research, 30, 30-42.
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Fasel, R., & Spini, D.. (2016). Trajectoires d’exclusion et bien-être d’une jeune cohorte qui a traversé les guerres en ex-Yougoslavie. LIVES Working Papers, 2016(47), 1-40. doi:10.12682/lives.2296-1658.2016.47
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Burton-Jeangros, C. (2016). Trajectoires de santé, inégalités sociales et parcours de vie. Berne: Académie suisse des sciences humaines et sociales.
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Rosenstein, E. (2016). Trajectoires d'invalidité, trajectoires d'insertion, quelle compatibilité? Une analyse du dispositif suisse de réadaptation. In C. Meilland & Sarfati, F. (Eds.), Accompagner vers l'emploi. Quand les dispositifs se mettent en action (pp. 57-72). Bruxelles: Peter Lang.
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Besozzi, R., Duc, B., & Lamamra, N.. (2016). Les trajectoires professionnelles des formateurs et formatrices en entreprise: leur transition vers la fonction de formation à la lumière de leur propre expérience d’apprentissage. In M. Baslé & Beaupère, N. (Eds.), Les transitions professionnelles tout au long de la vie. Nouveaux regards, nouveaux sens, nouvelles temporalités ? (Vol. 1, pp. 85–96). Rennes, France: Céreq Echanges.
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Sapin, M., & Widmer, E.. (2016). La transformation des réseaux personnels des femmes et des hommes durant la transition à la parentalité: Contraction des liens et gestation d'inégalités. In J. - M. Le Goff & Levy, R. (Eds.), Devenir parents, devenir inégaux. Transition à la parentalité et inégalités de genre (pp. 164-182). Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland: Seismo.
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Girardin, N., Bühlmann, F., Hanappi, D., Le Goff, J. - M., & Valarino, I.. (2016). The transition to parenthood in Switzerland: between institutional constraints and gender ideologies. In D. Grünow & Evertsson, M. (Eds.), Couples' Transitions to Parenthood (First., pp. 146-170). Glos, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.
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Bolzman, C., Kaeser, L., & Christe, E.. (2016). Transnational mobilities as a way of life among older migrants from Southern Europe. Population, Space and Place, 23(5), 1–13. doi:10.1002/psp.2016
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Arni, P., van den Berg, G., & Lalive, R.. (2016). Treatment Versus Regime Effects of Carrots and Sticks. LIVES Working Paper, 55, 1-40. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.12682/lives.2296-1658.2016.55
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Lebert, F., & Voorpostel, M.. (2016). Turnover as a strategy to escape job insecurity: The role of family determinants in dual-earner couples. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 37(3), 407-421. doi:10.1007/s10834-016-9498-z
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Tabin, J. - P., & Perriard, A.. (2015). Le temps de l’emploi. Chroniques du travail, 5, 94-109.
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Cavalli, S., & Dus, D.. (2015). Terza età e vulnerabilità. In F. Giudici, Cavalli, S., Egloff, M., & Masotti, B. (Eds.), Fragilità e risorse della popolazione anziana in Ticino (pp. 67-86). Bellinzona, Switzerland: Ufficio di statistica.
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Carrascal, J. Pablo, de Oliveira, R., & Cherubini, M.. (2015). To call or to recall? That's the research question. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 22(1), 1-30. doi:http://dx.doi.org./10.1145/2656211
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Ziegler, H., Berthet, T., Atzmüller, R., Bonvin, J. - M., & Kjeldsen, C. C.. (2015). Towards a capabilities perspective on vulnerable young people in Europe: An introduction. In H. - U. Otto, Atzmüller, R., Berthet, T., Bifulco, L., Bonvin, J. - M., Chiappero-Martinetti, E., et al. (Eds.), Facing trajectories from school to work. Towards a capability-friendly youth policy in Europe (pp. 3-17). Dordrecht: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11436-1_1
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Antonini, M., & Bühlmann, F.. (2015). Towards a multi-dimensional theory of post-unemployment scarring: recurrence, instability and downgrading. LIVES Working Papers, 2015(37), 1-31. doi:10.12682/lives.2296-1658.2015.37
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Bürgin, R., & Ritschard, G.. (2015). Tree-based varying coefficient regression for longitudinal ordinal responses. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 86, 65-80. doi:10.1016/j.csda.2015.01.003
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Dahmen, S. (2014). The theoretical orthodoxy of children’s and youth agency and Its contradictions: Moving from normative thresholds to a situated assessment of children’s and youth lives. In D. Stoecklin & Bonvin, J. - M. (Eds.), Children’s rights and the capability approach. Challenges and prospects (pp. 153-173). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9091-8_8
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Keim, S., Klärner, A., & Bernardi, L.. (2013). Tie strength and family formation: Which personal relationships are influential?. Personal Relationships, 20, 462-478. doi:10.1111/j.1475-6811.2012.01418.x
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Castillo, J. C., Miranda, D., & Madero Cabib, I.. (2013). Todos somos de clase media: Sobre el estatus social subjetivo en Chile. Latin American Research Review, 48, 155-173. doi:10.1353/lar.2013.0006
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Spini, D., Elcheroth, G., & Fasel, R.. (2013). Towards a community approach of the aftermath of war in the Former Yugoslavia: Collective experiences, social practices, and representations. In D. Spini, Elcheroth, G., & Corkalo Biruski, D. (Eds.), War, community and social change. Collective experiences in the Former Yugoslavia (pp. 3-23). New York: Springer.
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Bonvin, J. - M., Dif-Pradalier, M., & Rosenstein, E.. (2013). Trajectoires de jeunes bénéficiaires de l'aide sociale en Suisse. Agora débats/jeunesses, 65(3), 61. doi:10.3917/agora.065.0061
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Bolzman, C., & Gomensoro, A.. (2011). Türkeistämmige Kinder in der Schule. In M. Ideli, Suter Reich, V., & Kieser, H. - L. (Eds.), Neue Menschenlandschaften: Migration Türkei - Schweiz 1961-2011 (pp. 283-305). Zürich: Chronos.