Demographics in the twentieth century

Several researchers involved in the NCCR LIVES will participate in a workshop and an evening debate on the theme of "The demographics in the twentieth century practice, concepts and methods" on September 26, 2011 in Geneva, Uni Dufour, room U408.

This study day and evening debate will be devoted to discussion on demography in the twentieth century, the concepts and tools it mobilizes, and on scientific and profane practices, their achievements and results.

It is organized by Virginia Barrusse De Luca, a visiting professor at the University of Geneva, Maison de l'Histoire, and Michel Oris, professor at the University of Geneva, NCCR LIVES and Institute of Population Studies and the life course.

For PRN LIVES, the participants will also be Laura Bernardi, Dominique Joye and Jean-Marie Le Goff, professors at the University of Lausanne, and Julia Henke, Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdil and Gilbert Ritschard, researcher and professors at the University of Geneva.

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