Social Innovation and Intervention: Impact, Methods and Implementation in the Healthcare and Social Sectors (publication project)

Social innovation is a relatively recent reference which has gradually been defined as an alternative to technological innovation. It marks the rejection of economic growth as the sole perspective for development. For proposals, we call on all authors in the field of social and healthcare interventions who are dealing with questions related to social innovation and are keen to share their knowledge and experience, particularly within the context of Switzerland (but not only).

We are considering three types of contributions:

  • “Long” texts with a maximum of 40,000 characters (including empty spaces & excluding the bibliography) seeking to explore a question / theme in detail;
  • “Concise” texts with a maximum of 20,000 characters (including empty spaces & excluding the bibliography) allowing, for example, for the description and analysis of a specific social innovation project or measure.
  • “Short contributions” such as, for example, personal accounts, widening the standard scope of academic publications using illustrative insets and thus open the project to other forms of expression. These insets may consist of 2500 to 3500 characters (including spaces) or fill one page.

 We invite all interested authors to submit proposals as follows:

  • title
  • 4-5 keywords
  • proposed form of contribution (“long”, “concise” or “short”)
  • topic of the contribution with the questions addressed and the link to one of the above-mentioned dimensions and, if applicable, brief description of empirical data (method of analysis, results) and 3 to 4 bibliographical references (maximum 1800 characters including empty spaces)
  • a short biography of the author(s)

Please signal your interest to make a contribution by July 15, 2019, writing to Proposals may be sent to the same address until September 15, 2019.