Poverty Eradication and Participation: Between Claims and Realities

Poverty Eradication and Participation: Between Claims and Realities

On 28 June 2016 the School of Social Work at the University of Applied Scienc-es and Arts Northwestern Switzerland will host the 2nd Conference on Social Planning in Basel. Organized by members of the National Centre of Compe-tence in Research LIVES, this event is open to all researchers and practitioners interested in issues of poverty eradication and participation.

In current planning for poverty eradication and prevention both public and private institutions apply procedures which include people for whom the programmes and measures are intended.

The conference proposes to discuss the current status of participation in poverty eradication campaigns, asking the question whether, and if so with what kind of claims and procedures public institutions, welfare associations, social organizations from private industry as well as foundations as civil society groups adopt and implement the participation of people living in poverty in the planning of their programmes and services.

In the fight and prevention against poverty cooperation between agents from the state and civil society will also be a focal point for the conference. A key question in this context will be how decision makers in public institutions and non-government-organizations succeed in putting into place a coordinated and sustainable system of programmes and services.

Two acknowledged experts from Switzerland and abroad will give keynote speeches, followed by 6 workshops which will delve into aspects such as the work with concerned young adults, neighbourhoods or long-term employed.

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