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During UNIL’s open days NCCR LIVES will show the difference between commercial and scientific surveys

The University of Lausanne holds every year a public event called “The Mysteries of UNIL” mainly for kids aged 9 to 13. This time it takes place from May 22 to 25, 2014. The NCCR LIVES will welcome visitors at the stand No 12.

“WHO.R.U?” With this slogan and on the theme of the inner adventure, the University of Lausanne invites children with their class or family to discover who they are during the next “Mysteries of UNIL”, which is an annual manifestation where laboratories and research institutes present part of their work in a playful way.

Twenty-five activities compose the visit. The one proposed by the National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES will first invite the participants to make the distinction between commercial and scientific surveys. Then the kids will have to turn into researchers and survey their classmates or relatives on the positive and negative events that may happen in different domains over the life course.

The NCCR LIVES based this activity on the observation that telephone surveys are becoming more and more difficult to conduct, because people are constantly solicited at home by incoming commercial calls. When children do their homework or at dinnertime, it is not uncommon to hear the phone ringing and upset parents answering that they don’t have time for that.

Surveys with a scientific aim

Yet all surveys do not aim at market research to sell insurances or soft drinks. The NCCR LIVES for instance conducts several surveys based on large samples of the Swiss population so as to better understand vulnerability processes and the resources that people mobilise to overcome it. These studies contribute to the development of public policies that meet new social needs.

From Wednesday 22 to Sunday 25 May about ten LIVES researchers, mainly sociologists and social psychologists, will relay one another to animate this activity with two students in social sciences. Come see us!